Originals Interiors

  • Reupholstered victorian tub chair
  • Commission deep buttoned footstool complimented with tapered, reeded legs and brass castors
  • Louis style sofa repaint and reupholster.
  • Louis sofa finished in James Hare Orissa silk with painted show wood.
  • A much loved library chair reupholstered in a Biggie Best fabric.
  • Edwardian armchair reupholstered.
  • French bed re-upholstered in a vintage linen, with double piping - bottom.
  • French bed re-upholstered in a vintage linen, with double piping - top.
  • Small 1950's chair in Clarke & Clarke Maximus fabric & loose cover in an Ian Mankin Suffolk stripe

Upholstery & Loose Covers

Originals has established a reputation of high standards in both traditional and modern upholstery. With a passion for traditional methods, if a piece comes to the workshop to be re-upholstered, I work with materials and techniques to how the chair was first manufactured ie pulling back all the tired layers, each one giving vital clues, using the correct fittings to the age of the chair – tack and hammer versus air compressor and staples.

Repairing the frame to the straight solid piece it once was, ready for webbing, springs, hessian, stuffing, cotton flock and calico.

Restoring show wood with stain, polish and wax.

With attention to detail and the correct choice of fabric, the transformation can be amazing.

On a more modern approach from traditional upholstery, Originals can re-upholster a period chair in a more contermporary fabric/design, the choices are endless.  Loose Covers are a popular choice for a change!